All prospective new members are required to attend one of our events as a guest before submitting an application to join the society. Your result from the event played will go towards assessing your CGS handicap should you wish to pursue your application. If you are a current member of a golf club this will be taken into account when applying for membership.

Non-club applicants must have played five or more 18 hole rounds of golf and have some knowledge of the rules of the game to be considered for membership. 

To obtain a CGS handicap if you are not bringing an official club handicap requires you to submit two scorecards. You can either play two CGS events as a guest and submit both scorecards for assessment or play a single CGS event as a guest and obtain the other scorecard by playing with a CGS member at any venue and then record and submit that scorecard for assessment to the CGS Handicap Secretary. If your application is successful, you are then required to pay the annual membership fee to play in the rest of the seasons events as a member.

Guests are only allowed to play two CGS events as a guest before being expected to join, whilst attending an event as a guest you are only eligible to compete for the prizes relating to longest drive or any of the nearest the pin prizes. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the event are only available to members.

Any prospective member who are already a member of a golf club must submit their club handicap to the CGS committee during their application to join the society. The CGS committee reserve the right to verify said handicap with the players home club.

All players who have club handicaps as well as society handicaps are required to play off the lowest handicap they have, failure to submit a reduction in handicap prior to a CGS event, may result in disqualification from that event. With the introduction of the World Handicap System a players playing handicap at their home club is assessed from the competition tee, white for men or red Ladies. So the handicap used in playing from the competition tee’s is the handicap you must assess against your CGS handicap, if this handicap is lower than your CGS handicap then you must inform the CGS handicap secretary before the start of the next CGS event you will play in.

Beginners who are interested in joining the CGS but fall below the required standard will be referred to the CGS Captain for further discussion with the CGS committee.

Juniors who are interested in taking part in a CGS event will require parental approval and will require a parent or guardian to accompany them whilst they are taking part in the event.

All guests wishing to attend an event will be on a first come first serve basis however Guests wishing to join the CGS will have priority when guest spots are in short supply.

Guests will be required to pay an additional £5 above the average members green fee or they will be required to pay the full green fee per person offered to the CGS for the event which ever is greater. example: Members pay £38 for the event however the club offered the event to the CGS at £45 per person, in this case the guest will pay £45. If the club charged CGS £40 per person then the guest will pay £43 which is 38+5.

N.B Please note the CGS does not employ the World Handicap System, please refer to the page on Handicap System on this website, which can be found under the “Society” menu option.

Please use our contact page to submit your request for membership.

Note: The CGS committee reserve the right to refuse membership to any applicant without explanation or reason, in the best interest of the society and it’s members.