The TNCM trophy, “The National Caribbean Monument”, are a charity whose aim is to install a befitting monument in the National Memorial Arboretum, in recognition of sacrifices and contributions made over centuries by men and women of the Caribbean who served in the British Armed Forces and the Merchant Navy. To uphold their memory, maintain links with past, present and future generations for services to Britain. To re-enforce their contributions through presentations and literature, educational programmes to schools, churches, organisations and the general public. Creating a legacy for present and future generations.

For more information on this charity go to it’s an organisation at the heart of ex RAF Don Campbell, it was this organisation which gave its name to the 7th CGS Major event of the season.

The event was played at Walsall Golf Club in the West Midlands and was attended by CGS members past and present. Past members returning as a guest was Carl Douglas who was one of the original founder members of the CGS. Also in attendance was returning guests, Simon Watson, Harvey Lawrence, Paul Foster and also returning past member Josh Johnson. Playing in his first CGS event of the season was Don Campbell who as well as being fully involved in the TNCM project has also been with the CGS from its inception way back in 2007.

The course was in reasonable condition for the time of the year apart from some good and bad greens which on the whole did not truly reflect what we experienced on the practice green. The other issue some found was with the bunkers which were poor due to a lack of sand in many.

TNCM are in the process of trying to raise funds in order to build the monument they were setup to produce and with the CGS naming this competition after this charity it was only fitting that we try and raise some funds to help the cause, so days before the event it was mentioned that the CGS would pay the charity £20 for every birdie that was made by those playing but to cap that amount at £200. Also several individuals also volunteered that they would also pay £20 for every birdie they made on the day.

By the end of the day the total birdies made had risen to 15 and five of those went to one man, Ian Higgins who has since discussed his own arrangements with Don on how he’d like to help the charity as 5 birdies would be very costly indeed.

Anyway with the sums being contributed by the CGS and by the players themselves I’m sure the funds raised on the day was well received by Don and the TNCM.

So even though the greens weren’t the best it certainly didn’t deter players from making those 15 birdies.

The Scoring at Walsall was also low the last time we played in 2018, where Trevor Lammy won the event with 35 points, on this occasion that score was only bettered by one point. The competition scratch score back in 2018 was 32 stableford points as appose to 34 for this outing. Although the course may seem short on paper it’s the back nine which is the real test. With several par 4’s that are over 400 yards from the yellow tee’s it’s not easy to make par. The front nine holes being easier of the two eased the player into the round with many birdie opportunities on some shorter holes.

The first hole was a very short par 4 reachable by many of the CGS players, this culminated in awarding three birdies to CGS players, this number was also extracted by players on the sixth hole which was ranked as the easiest hole on the day, as well as the three birdies made there were also eleven pars. Although the back nine is usually the harder nine the number one ranked and hardest hole experienced by our group was the 5th hole which only one person was able to par and that was Chairman Junior Harris, it was a par four which played over par on the day.

The scoring at the top was close with only a point separating the top three places, second and third were separated on countback. In third place with 35 points was Roan Mcleod who was pipped to second by CGS vice-captain Micky Taylor. That leaves the man who’s now won his second CGS event of the season Errol Murray. Playing off 17 handicap Errol’s first win was at Lingdale when playing off 19 handicap Errol won with 37 points. It’s been a lucrative season for Errol, not many win multiple times in a season when playing with the CGS so well done to Errol. The win has now propelled Errol into third place on the Order of Merit and into first place for the second division title.

The consolation prizes were still up for grabs for those not in the running for the main prizes, this was also the chance for guests who by CGS rules are not open to win the main prizes. The prize for longest drive went to Linton Bell, with a 300+ yard drive that even the biggest hitters in the CGS failed to beat. Next up was the nearest the pin and this was held on the par 3 10th and was won by Tony Sealy. The challenge for the nearest in two was won by Junior Harris, the final challenge was for the nearest in 3 and this was won by Mickey Taylor. So congrats to all the winners.

The guests who attended scored as follows:

Don Campbell scored 26 points, Simon Watson scored 28 points, Carl Douglas scored 31 points, Harvey Lawrence scored 30 points, Paul Foster scored 17 points and Josh Johnson scored 30 points.

With Walsall now out of the way the next event is our two day venture. The event will be played at the Cotswolds Hotel & Spa in Chipping Norton and keeping up with the trend this season attendance is high, just like most if not all of this year’s events, the numbers in attendance will be a first for the two day event.

The previous seasons run into the last event the two day competition for the Charlie Sifford Memorial Trophy has been close with a possibility of the winner for the Order of Merit being decided during the weekends event, however this year that doesn’t look to be the case with Eddie Wedderburn clearly out front with a huge advantage over second place man Roan McLeod. With the Order of Merit scoring being decided from a players best six events played it’s not always easy to work out the different permutations by which the lead could change, anyway on this occasion it’s a mathematical certainty that Eddie cannot be caught, so it looks like he can stroll through the finish line without being challenged. It’s been a very good season for Eddie another two time event winner this season, so it’s early congrats to Eddie, well deserved.

It’s a big thanks to Walsall Golf Club for welcoming the CGS to their club, we hope to return again in the near future.