The Golf day was a huge success with in form man Keith Salmon winning on the day.

The money raised in the 2021 FOB Charity Golf Day went towards paying for Jaden’s annual health insurance and medical expenses, which is in excess of £3000.

On the day of the event, the money collected for Jadons cause totalled £1650. The target was to raise half of the health insurance cost and medical expenses which was £1500.

Jadon suffers with Neurofibromatosis, (cancer of the head face and throat):  Neurofibromatosis is a genetic condition you are usually born with that causes benign tumours to grow along your nerves anywhere in your body.

We at FOB have been involved with Jadons Mum for the past 6 years, helping her to keep Jadon alive while in treatment.

Jadon underwent 4 Surgical procedures prior to FOBs involvement, to no success.

Three years ago Jadon was accepted on a clinical trials at John Hopkins University Hospital,

in the USA. This was the final option for Jadon, involving high risk, since all others options had failed. The treatment is pioneering and millions of children across the globe stand to benefit, if successful. The treatment is aggressive, causing severe damage to his internal organs and thus close monitoring of all organs is necessary. Jadon receives this treatment four times yearly at John Hopkins University Hospital.

In spite of the funds raised FOB have helped to keep Jadon alive by way of funding his trips to the USA for clinical treatment, four times yearly and payment of his medical insurance bill as a commitment to Jadon and his Mum.

Jadon is 12 years old and attends school when he is able to in Spanish Town Jamaica. He resides with his Mum and sister in Spanish Town. His Mum isn’t in employment and is dependent on charitable support for her son to stay alive.

Jadons Mum is thankful for the annual support, from both organisations FOB and CGS. (Video: Jadon and his Mum – Play)

“And so Jadons journey continues..”!

A big thank you goes out to the CGS family for supporting such a worthy cause especially those CGS members who take an active part on the day.

Kind Regards

Ronald Ross


Pictures from the day: